Summer Trends

This summer the trends just keep pouring in! So, open up your closets and get ready for this season’s trendy frenzy!

Trend #1


Cute, comfy, and practical. A summer MUST HAVE!! Ambry Lane has the romper in the top picture!! So keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll have it on the site soon.

Trend #2

Bloomer (Inspired) Shorts

You weren’t honestly thinking we were telling you to wear bloomers did you?? Of course not! These are bloomer inspired. If “Bloomer” doesn’t suit you, call them Bubble Shorts!

Trend #3

Floral Everything!

Those Floral Rings are available on Ambry Lane’s site. Keep your style blooming all year round with those pretty rings!!

Trend #4


Ambry Lane offers both the yellow ruffled dress and the animal print make up bag (available in 3 classy colors) to make sure you are always in style!

Trend #5


Lace is girly, elegant, and cute!! Of course, those Dainty Cardigans are available on our site as well…in 3 colors!

Trend #6


Okay, so we admit…this color is what we based our store colors off of…but that’s not why its so trendy!  From deep coral (pictured above. which can be bought from, to coraly pink, this color will flood your closet and turn your mood from ‘ehh’ to ‘lovely’ in a matter of moments!

Those are just FEW of the many summer trends to come your way!! If we took the time to list them all, we’d be here all night!!!

We’ll do our best to find each and every one of those trends (and many more!) and bring them to you!  While we’re looking, tell us… What trends do you want to see being sold at

Email your suggestions, comments, or questions to!!


Ambry Lane


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