Hey Stranger!

Ambry Lane packed up our armoire and went out to mingle with the public for the first time ever!! Yes, we ventured out from behind the computer screen… and made some great new friends!!

Here are some photos taken today during our fun event:

The Ambry Lane booth!

The owner, Chelsey

We caught her wearing the Sunny Bow Tank!

Trying on the Funky Floral and Ruffled Dress and the Floral and Navy Romper!

Because we sit on pink carpets… In the Lace Yourself Cardigan and a product that has yet to meet our site 😉

Adorable Owl Necklace. Our booth neighbor :]

We love when people buy something and wear it right away. Wearing the Baby Doll Tank.

An Ambry Lane exclusive! Mister Mustache Necklace!

We had such a great time and we know that this MUST happen again!! So, prepare to see us in other places until we finally reach our goal of residing in a brick and mortar store!

Did you buy something from Ambry Lane? Take a picture and send it to info@ambrylane.com! We can’t wait to see it!



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