Mister of Disguise

Your ex boyfriend just walked into the front door of the movie theater, and you are not in the mood to smile and wave a friendly hello…especially not in your sweats…and especially since your hairs a mess!!

A frenemy just waltzed into the beauty salon, and frankly, you don’t want to put up with her flapping, gossiping lips!

You’re almost so famous (or will be in a few years time) that the paparazzi has basically become a large, snap happy shadow. You can’t leave the house without the chance that they’ll find you…they always do…

Ambry Lane is offering the exclusive, limited edition Mister Mustache Necklace for the low price of $9.50. Whatever the situation may be, this necklace will act as a handy disguise! Just hold it under your nose for a whole new handsome identity.  Don’t mind the “Excuse me Sir”, “Hey Mister”, or “Dude, what’s up” comments you’ll receive. Naturally, its the cost of having such an amazing disguise.

WARNING: You will get a lot of compliments on this necklace, you daring fashionista!

In both the Skinny and Thick style!

Its officially on our site…so, what are you waiting for? Own your own ‘stache without growing one today!!



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