Slide On By…

We’ve decided to include a new, mod-tech addition to our home page – the flash slide show!

We had a fun photo shoot complete with live animals, artistic architecture (that only time can create!), and Ambry Lane products… of course!

Us here at Ambry Lane are hoping to update this new feature often… we see pumpkins in our future… and pine trees…but always, always FASHION.

Now, we understand that you may be itching for a new model (and trust us, she’s itching for one too! -being the camera shy owner and all) so, if you know a lovely girl that would like to pose for us… send us an email!! We’re always on the search for new, friendly faces to represent our store.

Here are some photos that didn’t quite make our slide show!



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2 responses to “Slide On By…

  1. grammy

    I love the new pics, all of them. Love the new hair style and the new make up. They are awesome, and I am a proud Grammy.
    Love you

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