Gloomy Day, Go Away. Give Away? Yes!

It’s a gloomy day out. Gray. Windy. Moody.  This isn’t even Fall weather!! It’s warm out and the sun is struggling to makes it’s way into the spotlight… but no. Something else has taken the spotlight.  “What?” You may ask. A Facebook Give Away, that’s what!!

Ambry Lane’s October Facebook Give Away is now taking place!

You’re going to enter, aren’t you?!

There’s only 3, simple rules:

1. You MUST be our friend on Facebook.

2. You MUST like this photo –>

3. You MUST cross your fingers…

One lucky winner will be chosen at random on the 10th! You only have 5 days to get your booty patooty over to our Facebook and like the photo for a chance to win.

If you don’t have good luck (trust me, it’s alright if you don’t), you can purchase this little guy HERE. Please be aware that this necklace is in limited supply and will be disappearing on November 1st! Get yours while it’s still available!!



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One response to “Gloomy Day, Go Away. Give Away? Yes!

  1. grammy

    Love the new slideshow. My favorite has to be Alice In Wonderland.
    Love you,
    Grammy xoxoxo

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