Gift Cards!

It’s official, Ambry Lane is now offering Gift Cards!!

Gift Cards are the perfect presents for your friends, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, cousins, brother’s girlfriends, coworkers, etc! Give the recipient power! Give them the power to chose! Give them the power to shop!!!

Our Gift Cards are available in the following amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $175, and $200.   Of course, if you want to gift a different amount, we’ll gladly create a custom post for you! Just email us beforehand and let us know the price.

Read all about our Gift Cards HERE

Purchase them HERE

We know that some of you don’t always want to gift cash cards. It’s understandable. You want to hand your bestie a beautifully wrapped present, and that’s okay too!

We quickly put together these two images for your convenience!! We’ll post them again once it get’s closer to the Holiday season!


A day or so ago, I received a lovely email! I absolutely adore getting sweet emails. They make my day and make me love what I’m doing even more! I love the support<3




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2 responses to “Gift Cards!

  1. Shannon P.

    I love everything about the Ambry Lane site. It is so girly and fun. I checked out the other site that Isabella is referring too and I really don’t see the simularities. Lots of online sites have similar policies. I think your site is super fresh and the fun photos are a great addition. I checked out your personal blog and I can tell that your inspiration is truly your own. You seem like a fun person and I am very impressed that you started this at age 17!! I wish I was as ambitious. I just ordered from you and I can’t wait to get my order!!I ordered 3 fun things and I hope to wear the black dress with scarf for Christmas. Keep up the good work.

    Shannon PPPPPP.

    • Hi Shannon!
      Thanks for the positive feedback!!
      I always love hearing nice things about my store because it’s my baby!!! aha.
      Thanks for the order and I know you’ll love the Black dress with graphic scarf!! It’ll be super cute to wear on Christmas!!
      &I’d love to get a picture of you rockin’ it!! :]

      Chelsey Jean

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