Nerdy Bunnies and Winners Winning!

Cyber Monday was fun!! I have to admit, I was sitting on the computer for MOST of the day and night updating codes and pictures, etc. It was tiring, but super exciting to see sales coming in.

The winner to our Cyber Monday $25 Gift Card give away is Aspen S.!!

Another winner was selected today for our $25 Gift Card Give Away. She was chosen at random with help from Winner: Lela R.!!

I honestly loved ALL of the entries!! It’s always interesting for me to hear what your favorite products are, or where you’ve heard about Ambry Lane. Most of all, I loved reading the random facts!! You girls are all so unique!!

I’ve sent every girl a 15% off code just for entering. If you entered and have not received your code by tomorrow, please contact us at! Your code has been sent via a reply to your entry email.

The nerdy bunny sweater is super cute!! They arrived the day before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t wait to upload them! That’s my cousin, Tara, and I “modeling” it.

^This jacket is SUPER comfy and super cute!! I may just snag one for myself<3

Keep an eye out for the next GIVE AWAY!!!



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