You’re So Foxy!!

First things first… Happy New Year!!!

I have gotten a few emails from a few lovely girlies and they are all wondering: “Where the heck did those fox tail keychains go??”

Relax ladies!! I ordered more as soon as they sold out. They arrived today!! I will be getting them onto tomorrow!! Everyone that emailed me will get an email as soon as they go up!!

They will be available in 2 colors now! Brown and black. Of course, each is different and unique…not to mention totally cute and oh so trendy!


I also ordered some cute, mini fox tail keychains!! These are for the girls that are a bit more conservative with their funky accessories!!

A few more things came in today (including super cute leopard leg warmers, floral shorts, black lace leggings, etc), but something that I am most excited about is definitely this sequin bra!!

Girls, this is perfect for layering!! Put it under a sheer top. Put it under a swoop neck tee. Put it under anything!! I am definitely keeping one for myself…there are so many fashionable possibilities!!

With that bra, you can be foxy without the fox tails!! 😉


Chelsey Jean & Ambry Lane


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