New, New, and More New.

This blog will introduce you to two things. One: New Products (Coming Soon). Two: A NEW way of introducing new products!

I’ll tell you my oh, so very, professional opinion about each product. I’ll tell you my initial reactions, the reason why the product was chosen for, and where the heck you can wear it (just in case you’re like me and are always saying, “It’s cute…but when and where will I actually wear it!”).

So, let’s begin!!

Skinny Harem Jumper and Silver Sequin Dress

Skinny Harem Jumper – When it arrived, my initial reaction was “OH MY GOSH! It’s heavy& nicely made!! If I was a tiny bit taller I’d so rock this!!” Of course, I have yet to try one on…so I’m not sure how a shorter girl (someone like me!) will look in it. But, I bet it will still be cute… I’ll tell you if it’s not of course!

Why I like it: The style is sophisticated and classy. It would look cute as is, or with a belt. Both the pockets and top have subtle, gold embellishments. Mix the small, round gold studs with the black fabric, and you get a edgy look. Overall, this jumper screams independence and confidence!

Where you’ll wear it: Anywhere! School, work, dinner, shopping, a girl’s night out, etc. The only place I can’t picture it, is beach side. But, I dare you to take that challenge and prove me wrong!!

How you’ll wear it: As mentioned above, you can wear this jumper with a belt or without. For colder days, wear a cute cardigan on the top. Shoes are important too! Wear heels to dress it up for the club or sandals for a day at the mall.

Silver Sequin Dress – Pulling this out of the box was like Christmas! (Well, every order is like Christmas when it arrives, but opening this dress was like a Christmas party in the middle of my living room… in early January.) I thought, “This is so cute! I wish I had somewhere cool to go because I would snatch this dress right up! I love sequins and all things sparkly!”

Why I like it: Sequins are totally in right now, and they are always great for giving any outfit a festive feel. I like this dress because the back is plain. Why do I like that you may ask… well, sitting on sequins isn’t the most comfortable thing. So, this dress is comfortable and perfect for parties!

Where you’ll wear it: Parties! Date night. Graduation. Wear it anytime you want to dress up a bit!

How you’ll wear it: Instantly, I envision this dress being worn with black nylons and Mary Jane pumps. I don’t know why!! In a colder atmosphere, pair it with a simple cardigan. You probably won’t want any other embellishments or patterns since this piece is already eye catching. Seriously… all eyes will be on you!!

Fabulous Faux Fox Tail Keychains

Fox Tail Keychains – This fox tail is completely FAKE!! Now, it does look quite realistic hanging from your purse… but no animals were harmed! How perfect, right!!?? When they first arrived, my mom said, “Those are a bit big. Do you think people will actually buy them?” UMMM, YES!! You girls bought them all super quickly and I had to place another order!! So, now this keychain is available in both black and brown!! You girls just know what high fashion is… and how to rock it!!

Why I like it: 1. It’s fake fur. 2. It’s inspired by designers like Louis Vuitton and Marcc, as well as celebrities like Victoria Beckham. 3. It looks amazing hanging from my purse (Yes, I took a black one for myself!!) 4. While I was at the Post Office, a young girl came up and started petting it… so that pretty much sealed the deal on how much I love it!

Where you’ll wear it: I’m going to do this a bit differently… You will wear this on your purse, on your bag, on your backpack, etc!! I personally feel that it looks great on a leather bag, but it looks cute on my black Juicy Couture purse too!! Wear it anywhere!! School. The Mall. The Theater. The Grocery Store. Anywhere you carry your bag!!!

How you’ll wear it: Well, I think you girls can figure this out because you are all pretty smart… but you will own this fabulously chic style and everyone will be asking, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?? YOU ARE AMAZING!!”  And then you will say, “Duh! You just figured that out??”

Sheer Black Top and Fuchsia Sequin Bra

Sheer Black Top – I ordered this top because sheer is really in right now! I must admit that when I first got it, I instantly claimed one as my own!! I love it!!!

Why I like it: Sheer is very trendy! You’ll soon start seeing it everywhere so keep an eye out. I bought this top because the sequin bra needed something to be paired with!!

Where you’ll wear it: The only place I don’t recommend wearing this without something solid underneath is meeting your boyfriend’s parents and grandparents. 😉 Other than that… wear it anywhere and everywhere!!!

How you’ll wear it: For a more conservative look, wear a solid tank top or t-shirt  underneath. Otherwise, buy a sequin bra and show off your sassy side!!

Fuchsia Sequin Bra – I knew I was going to own a sequin bra before it even arrived on my porch! I touched it and loved the quality!!

Why I like it: Must I explain myself??!! I love it!! I love the color, the quality, the style, the everything!

Where you’ll wear it: Honestly, this sequin bra should only be worn where you are comfortable wearing it. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it to the mall, don’t! But if you feel comfortable wearing it (under something) to your girl’s movie night out, go ahead!!

How you’ll wear it: Now, I know that there are some of you girls out there that will feel comfortable wearing this without anything else over it. I, personally, am not. I am going to wear this with the black sheer top over it, jeggings on the bottom, and black booties on my feet. I’m curious to see how you girls will wear it though, so please send pictures!!


These products will be loaded onto the online shop soon. I also have a few other items to load as well!!

Please give me some feedback on this blog. If you enjoy it, I will continue doing blogs like this when introducing new products! If you don’t, well, tell me!


Chelsey Jean


Ambry Lane


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  1. grammy

    Dear Ambry Lane
    I am a Grammy, so won’t be wearing all those lovely new things you’re showing, however, I wanted to say what a great job you are doing with your descriptions of the items you carry. I hope you get lots of positive feedback and hope you continue with your very clever way of describing what you’re showing. Good job!

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