Become an Ambry Lane Insider!

There is so much that goes into running this business, but I won’t bore you with that long, highly detailed list. Instead, I’ll let you know how you can take part in one of the most fun jobs I have. It’s my favorite part…aside from hearing from Ambry Lane customers and fans of course. Purchasing Products. It’s quite exciting, and not only because I am a self proclaimed shopaholic either!

If I was offered the opportunity to voice my opinion to a retail shop of any kind, I would have jumped at the opportunity. It’s right up my alley 😉 DUHH. So, I am extending this offer to you girls, because sometimes I just need that second opinion!

Basically, I will be choosing TWO fashionistas based on their style, personality, and sincere lust for this position.

Duties as Fashion Consultant:
Read periodic (once a week, once a month, etc) emails with pictures of potential products attached.
Answer these three things:
1. What is your honest opinion of this item?
2. Do you think that other fashionistas will purchase it? Why, or why not?
3. Just by looking at the photo, what price point would you expect it to be sold at?

Of course, I’d love to hear your other thoughts, such as how’d you’d style the piece, etc.

How to apply:

Send a picture (as many as you’d like but one at minimum) of your style. It can be a photo of yourself wearing your favorite outfit, a photo of your favorite clothing and accessory items, a collection you created on Polyvore, etc.

List how you heard of Ambry Lane, your name, and your age.

List any interesting facts about yourself, or anything that you’d like for me to know.

If you have a blog and wouldn’t mind sharing the link, I’d love to see it to get a feel for your personality. If not, that’s perfectly alright too.

Email your application to

*Please keep in mind that this is strictly for FUN and no compensation will be given. Also keep in mind that products I show you may or may not be offered on

Also, when applying, know that the photos and products I show the winners are private and are not to be given to anyone!!



Along with your fun position, you will receive an Ambry Lane tote bag, a Girly Girl Tank Top, a Mister Mustache Necklace, and a Flower the Leader Ring .

Send in those applications!! I can’t wait to hear from you girls! &I can’t wait to choose two winners!


Chelsey Jean




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2 responses to “Become an Ambry Lane Insider!

  1. Too Awesome 😀 Just discovered your site today & I’ll love to apply~
    Hopefully more people will apply & I’ll be blogging about this ASAP ❤

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