Virtually Vintage Video

My best friend, and lovely model, Miss McKaela Lola, came over  a few days ago and spotted the vintage items that are currently for sale on She mentioned that after seeing the photos on the site, that she imagined them to be much smaller than they actually are. I know that sometimes measurements don’t give you a clear mental image, so I decided to learn how to do some simple editing, and make a video show casing a few vintage items!

You can definitely expect more videos soon, so please subscribe to the Ambry Lane Youtube Channel!

Here are some ideas currently in the works:

1. Show more products!

2. Pick a certain clothing product and show multiple ways to wear it (for multiple occasions)

3. Choose an occasion and show different outfits that can be worn to it

4. Fashion do’s and don’ts

ETC. So if you have any ideas, or if there are products you’d like to see live, please let me know!! (comment here or on the video!) The goal is to get a new video up at least once a month or every other month.

I also have some not so good news!! Due to Google’s server problems, your emails aren’t making it into our inbox at the current time. Our email,, is connected to a Google Mail account and it’s having a tough time converting them. For the time being, please send all mail to our Facebook or I respond to ALL emails within 24 hours, so if you haven’t received a reply, please be patient. Or, if you’d like a speedy response, please resend your email to the address above! Thanks!!

Happy March Fashionistas!





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