Fashion Consultants

First, I sincerely apologize for the lack of email correspondence that has occurred for the past week or so. Our email,, is connected to a Google Mail account for easy use, and Google was having some server problems. Luckily, we finally had an email break through and have replied to all of your emails. If you haven’t received a response, please check your spam folder, and if it’s not there, please resend it to us. Thank you!!

Now, for the fun stuff!! On February 28th, two lovely Fashion Consultants were chosen to be my right hand gals. These girls are going to get a tiny peek inside of the Ambry Lane world and they are going to help choose new products!! I am working very hard to find AL worthy products to send them photos of. It’s a very long process to find cute items, but I am hoping to place new orders very soon!

Meet the Ambry Lane Insiders:


Kaylie is 13 years old and enjoys sketching clothing and her favorite outfits (take a look at her entry photos!). She was the only girl to send in something that she drew, opposed to sending in polyvore sets and real pictures. Currently, her bangs are blue, and fabulous if I may say so myself! “Accessories mean a lot to my style because they can help a drab outfit very edgy or bright! I own way too many necklaces, rings, purses, and bracelets, but they come in handy!”

Kaylie’s Fashion Must Have: “In general, any hot accessory! I never go to school or leave the house without a necklace, an arm of bracelets, and a cute pair of earrings. But, my favorite accessories would be my old skeleton key necklaces that give off a vintage look.”

Fashion trend to disappear: “Most things that are currently in style, are indeed in style for a reason, but I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing ripped jeans disappear. Jeans with a couple holes from wear-&-tear are fine. When girls (and some guys) go around with more skin than jean showing, it just looks awful.”

Bring it back!: “I’d love for the British- Medieval, poofy, layered dress to come back. I know that they’re huge and all fancy, but it’d be great if someone could transform that into a retro-girly look.”



Adrianna loves fashion to death!! She has a self proclaimed 6th sense for fashion, and I do have to agree with her!! Check out her tumblr at She updates daily and 75% of her posts are fashion related. She also posts pictures of some DIY projects (from shredded pants, to cropped tops). “Sometimes I can be very very girly with pinks and frills lace and whatnot, other times I’ll be really tomboy, jeans, shredded up clothes and sneakers.”

Adrianna’s Fashion Must Have: “Anything denim and/or shredded!”

Please disappear!: “Honestly, I would like to see the baggy, low riding pants thing dead…”

LOVE: “I want more floral patterns! They are so cute! Also, gold plus pearls is super cute.”


I am SOOOO happy that these girls are my fashion consultants! They are super sweet and are definitely a great addition to the Ambry Lane team.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even have them write some fashionable blog posts in the future;)






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