Who would have thought that a girl would need batteries? It never crossed my mind before, but surely there had to have been an explanation for my bout of unnecessary sluggishness. I tried to keep it a secret, but you girls are smart. I’m sure you noticed that the newsletters stopped, blog updates were nonexistent, and new products were a thing of the distant past. I was well aware of this, but for the life of me, I couldn’t force the sidetracked passion back into my heart. I knew that it had to happen naturally.

Sure, I could have pretended, I could have faked it…I SHOULD have. It wasn’t fair for me, and more importantly, it wasn’t fair for YOU. But, this whole dream was built on passions, on good feelings, on love. I couldn’t look at her and smile anymore, because I knew I had let her go. I let her run away. It was my doing. And, trust me; by the time I had reached her again, she was already on her way to the moon clad in a pink space suit.

Alas, I ran up to the mountains, watched snow flutter passed my frosting window, and felt the warmth flood my veins once again. Like a recharged battery, I slowly felt myself coming back. I put a bow in my hair, and sat down at my computer, ready to take back what was rightfully mine. I snatched her by the pink polished toe and hugged her until neither of us could breathe.

Bare with me, because I know this reinstated journey needs to be slow. I need to make sure it’s filled with intelligence, passion, optimism, happiness, and all the bits and pieces that made up Ambry Lane in the first place. Sometimes it just takes a nap to get your energy back, and now that I’m atop snow covered mountains, I’ll have the downhill momentum under my feet as I race onwards. Excuse me, Self, but I need the old me back… I have goals and dreams to reach. That’s exactly what I intend on doing.

Thank you for sticking with AmbryLane.com when she was in a seemingly lengthy hibernation. And, thank you for sticking by me. I’m ready now. I promise. There’s something about a girl with a mission, a girl with the refusal to lose, that can’t be stopped.

Never give up on your dreams, because they never give up on you.


Chelsey Jean


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