Ultimate Ambry Lane Girl!

Meet Ambry Lane Girl – Miss McKaela Lola

She is an Ambry Lane girl (helping at events and appearing in our apparel section), but more importantly, she’s my best friend. Not only has she always been there for me, but she’s been a continuous inspiration to me and everyone else lucky enough to be part of her life.

I’ve known McKaela since kindergarten, back when we used to get on each other’s nerves only to make up the next moment with goofy songs under the big tree by the ball wall. I clearly remember P.E. classes where she would impress us all by ending her summersaults in graceful splits, or watching the school play to see her as the leading Little Red Riding Hood. She’s always been a performer- whether she had an entire audience watching with lit up eyes, or a single friend.

McKaela has been dancing since she was young – pre kindergarten. It was never something she was forced to do, and even as an outsider looking in, you could tell that she was in love with it. Watching her perform in competitions was magical. She kept a genuine smile on her face the entire time, moved with grace and precision, and threw herself into every step with passion.

For as long as I can remember, she’s had one goal. This goal required hard work, dedication, and even the will power to turn down a session of roller blading so that she would not injure herself.

It seemed so natural, it looked as if it just came to her. Boy, she had us all easily fooled. I know that it took her hours and hours, years and years, of work. Hard, physical work. It wasn’t easy, I’m sure she’d be the first one to tell you that. But, it made her happy, and that was worth it all.

After over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears, she’s reached her goal.

What was her goal, you may ask. To dance on a cruise ship. To perform each night in front of happy vacationers. To sail the oceans and dock on new countries.

McKaela packed up her belongings and climbed aboard her new, floating home this November. She won’t return for another year. She is PROOF, inspirational proof, that if you work hard enough you can get exactly what you want.

I am so proud of her, and I miss her every day. To me, she’s the ultimate Ambry Lane girl, and someone young girls can easily look up to. She’s amazing, and I’m so happy to say that she’s my best friend.

I think my new life motto is fitting here, because without goals, dreams, and ambitions, we’d have lack luster lives.

Don’t give up on your dreams, because they never give up on you!


PS…I love you best friend!! I miss you every day and am SOOO proud of you<3<3



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2 responses to “Ultimate Ambry Lane Girl!

  1. Grammy


    Tell McKaela how proud your papa and grammy are of her also. You both are extremely lucky to have each other as best friends.
    Glad to see you back on top of Ambry Lane:)

    Love you,
    Grammy xoxo

  2. H-Jeanie

    What a genuine friend to post such a flattering article about your bestie. You are both lucky to have each other. I hope Ambry Lane girls across the world find their fashionable, loving and supportive bestie too!! By the way…Love the new Ferociously Fierce romper!

    XOXOXO Have Fun In The Snow Ambry Lane!!!

    Love your #1 Fan and Ambry Lane stalker. Smooches.
    Make sure your angel wings are dusted with magic and glitter this season.
    Will be waiting for an Ambry Lane snow picture.
    XOXOXO warm snuggle hugs.

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