Buy One Get One FREE!!

Free is a nice word, don’t you think?? In fact, free is the kind of word that puts a smile on my face. Starting today, two tank tops on will be eligible for our buy one, get one free offer! Don’t miss out!!

Click HERE to open our Reduced Prices category

The tanks listed above are available in 4 different colors and come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large!


Here’s a hint for our first project in the works… making a purchase now will help you get free products in the future!!!

It’s a funny thing, owning an online store. I look at invoices and write out addresses for each and every order. More often than not, I can tell you the names of most customers, especially when they purchase more than once. It’s super exciting for me to see that reoccurring name! I want to start a reward system to express my gratitude and happiness for loyal Ambry Lane shoppers. This will begin soon!!! I’m excited to introduce it to all of you<33

In the mean time, keep dressing cute!! &If you have any photos of you wearing Ambry Lane products, or if you’d like to submit a review or love letter, ship it on over to (If you have a blog, be sure to leave a link & I’ll include it on our Love Letters page!!)



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