Spring Trend: Flowers DIY

This spring, you’ll probably see the occasional gal rockin’ shoes with flowers entwined in the laces. It’s a MUST DO if you want that perfect summer look. Not only will it add a pop of color to your outfit, but it’ll be super cute too!

What you’ll need:

  • cute shoes
  • flowers (fake or fresh)
  • tape (optional)

I choose to use fresh flowers, but if you want to wear your floral embellished shoes all summer long, you should probably opt for some pretty fake petals. It was extremely difficult to find blooming flowers around my neighborhood during this time of year (I managed to find the ones pictured below), so if you are set on using fresh flowers, take a trip to the local grocery store or florist.

When cutting your flowers, make sure to leave enough of the stem to intertwine with the laces. You may strategically place tape so that the stems are secured to the shoe. Make sure it doesn’t show though!

Remember, your shoes do NOT have to be symmetrical. A little asymmetry creates a chic look that screams “I didn’t try too hard!”

Other examples:

Happy flower hunting<3

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