Pink mustaches, inspiration, and weekends

It’s Friday, and for most of us, that means it’s the start of our weekend. Hectic schedules or not, I hope you all find time to do the things you love! Here at Ambry Lane, I’ll be busy learning how to use the new camera, sending out orders, and doing all the other behind the scenes stuff that goes on around here. I’ve also thought up a few handmade products I can add to the site. So, I’ll have to channel my creative side and test my sewing skills soon!! Stay tuned…

Today, while working amidst a bunch of squirming elementary kids, a girl walks up to me and says, “I like your mustache.” I thanked her proudly, because I am indeed happy to be the owner of such a splendid ‘stache. Her friends all gasped and started whispering to each other, saying things like: “You can’t just say that to a person!” and “Ooooh! You’re going to get in trouble!” However, both her and I knew the truth. On my neck hung a chain attached to a small black mustache. I guess only the fashionable understand!! 😉


Speaking of mustaches, we’re totally giving away one of these Pink Mustache Necklaces on our Tumblr starting next week! Follow us on Tumblr and like us on Facebook to stay updated.

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Here are some cute & inspiring things we like:

This cute outfit {Source}

These cute balls made out of tulle {Source}

This picture of a mobile shop (But mostly that tent!) {Source}

It’s such a gorgeous day out and I hope that you all got a chance to enjoy it! It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so get those cute jackets ready for the downpour!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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