Buggin’ out

Being all fashionable and such, we’re suckers for anything accessory related. Bugs? Yes, even bugs. Don’t hate just yet though, this isn’t your average beetle-in-a-ring. These designer pins make even the most insect filled gardens green with envy!!

Even if you absolutely loathe creepy crawlies, you probably have a soft spot for a certain cute, spotted bug. It is said that ladybugs bring luck to whoever they land on. Don’t shoo them away because they’ll make your wishes come true! In some cultures, it is thought that after a ladybug lands on you, it flies away to whisper your name in the ear of your one true love. Pretty cute, right??

The designer uses 11 species of the bug to create these fabulous pins. At $75 each, it may not be practical to buy more than one, but we think having an entire flock of them together looks super chic! Purchase your new lucky charm here.



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One response to “Buggin’ out

  1. Nechama Lilach

    They’re adorable! So expensive though…perhaps one would look nice on the pocket of a plain white teeshirt?

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