Guest Blogging: Think you have what it takes??

As much as I love blogging for my lil shop, having a bit of help wouldn’t hurt. I mean, sometimes coming up with cool blogging content seems like a far off challenge. Oh, the stress of writer’s block!!!

So, if you think that YOU can come up with posts worthy of both the eyes & attention of our loyal readers, please apply!! Our only requirements are that you know how to string together a proper sentence, and that you breathe and bleed fashion! No experience necessary!! Each post you write will include some info about you and a link to your blog. It’s a win win!

Get creative, get sassy, and get to writing!!

We’re only accepting a limited number of Guest Bloggers for the time being, but we’d LOVE to check you out! Guest blogging will drive traffic to your own blog, so submitting quality work will definitely be to your advantage.

CLICK HERE to read all about becoming an Guest Blogger – and if you think you can handle it, send us an email!

The celebration continues! 15% off @ {code could disappear at any moment so use it while you can!!}



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