Don’t be caught dressing less than your best!

We’ve already introduced our new FashionNever concept, but now we’d like to explain our first 2 rules! Buckle your seat belts because this is about to get ugly!

1. Never wear leggings as pants

Darlings, I’ve even asked the guys about this one, and it’s the same answer across the cologne spritzed board – This is a fashion DON’T. No one wants to see your every crack and crevice (not in the back and definitely not in the front!). There’s this fashion taboo surrounding leggings, and if you want to be taken seriously while wearing them, you need to know how to dress them properly.

Wear tunic tops or short dresses to cover your crotch and booty cheeks! That’s all we’re asking for! Not only does it leave a lil somethin’ somethin’ to the imagination, but it also creates a look that’s both edgy and chic. You know we’re all about the “I didn’t try too hard but I still look fabulous” look! ROCK IT!

2. Never wear pajamas in public

Unless you’re acting as a Snooki look alike, we suggest leaving the slippers at home too. Pjs in public are a no go. Sure, it may be comfortable, but fashion isn’t about being cozy and ready for bed at a moments notice. Here’s a quick fix: Leggings + a tunic top + slouchy boots. Take the advice from our first FashionNever, and create a cool outfit that’s also super comfortable.

With this look, you can feel like a bum without looking like one!! But, shhhhh… that’s a style secret 😉


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