Trending: Tiffany Nails

Turquoise nails make the perfect accessory. They add a pop of color that is subtle yet bold. Blue is pretty neutral in the fashion world, unlike pinks and purples which are more gender specific, so it seems to take on chameleon like qualities. From boho to girly, edgy to classy, and vintage to urban, these nails work well with any style. Whether your skin tone is fair, dark, or something in between, the airy blue hue will work for you.

Tip: The best blue to use is a turquoise or a blue with a sea foam tint. Deeper blues like cobalts and indigos won’t work as well with some skin tones.

I’m currently rockin’ the robin’s egg blue as seen in the photo above. I’m absolutely loving it.



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3 responses to “Trending: Tiffany Nails

  1. that color is so phenomenal. and those cookie/pie things look way too fabulous.

  2. LauraNotor

    Soo true, I started wearing “Tiffany Blue” polish last summer, I never thought it would trend so wonderfully! Awesome post 🙂

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