Fashion Uh Ohh

So, I love me some Nicki Minaj, but what the heck is she wearing?! This photo just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and I did my best to suppress an involuntary full body shudder. Nicki, what were you thinking??

First things first – remember how I said that leggings should not be worn as pants? Well, that goes for tights too!! Clearly I should make another FashionNever post and include a rule about wearing a bra as part of your outfit. She looks like a fetish hooker with this fishnet, sheer tights, and harness combo. Perhaps we can all learn from this outfit, and steer clear of anything similar.

On another note:

The harness would actually be kind of cool over a girly dress. I always love the contrast between edgy and girly, and love it even more when they come together.


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