Ombre Everything!

This is a guest post by 16 year old blogger and fashion enthusiast, Tatiana. She resides in Southern California, and when she’s not scoping out the newest trends hot off the runway, she’s obsessing over Harry Potter, shoes, and clothes. You can follow her on her Tumblr, check out her style on her lookbook, and read all about the latest trends on her Blog.

theyskens theory resort 2011

Miley Cyrus at the Hunger Games premiere in Emilio Pucci and an ombre hair color!

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Ombre dyed tunic at Ambry Lane

What’s something that totally outraged this past season? Ombre everything! From hair to shirts to pants to dresses and even tights, it’s ombre! Even yours truly has an ombre hairstyle (red, pink, and purple with my natural brown hair if you were wondering). It’s the newest trend both on the runway and on the streets! It gives an artsy tone and it’s visually appealing, even here at Ambry Lane we have the ombre blue tunic that can give your simple jeans and tee outfit more of an edge. Also in the previous post, They Left us at the Circus, filled with inspirational pictures of the ever cool Charlotte Free, she’s rocking her pink ombre hair! Have you given ombre a try? If you haven’t, will you?


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