FashionNevers: Mishaps and how to avoid them

Girls, this a big no no. Bras are not meant to be part of your outfit, unless you’re going for the whole I-belong-in a-club-24/7 look. There are tons of fixes for this fashion mishap, so after reading this post, we don’t want to hear any excuses!

1. Strapless Bras – You may have to search a bit before finding the perfect strapless bra. Trust me, I understand that most are uncomfortable, that you have to pull them up every 2 seconds, etc. However, it is possible to wear one that feels as if it’s not strapless at all. Opt for a bra with rubber lining which allows it to hold to your skin, and make sure you have the proper size.

2. Clear Straps – This is a nearly invisible option if you hate the idea of going strapless. You can find bras that include clear straps at almost any store that sells lingerie.

3. Same Color – I know it isn’t practical to own a different bra for each tank top you own, but if you’re wearing a pink tank top, wear a pink bra.

4. Concealer Clips – The clips work well for racer back tanks and tops. Some bras even have mini clips built into the straps. You can buy these at most lingerie stores or you can get a set of 3 for free with a purchase of a tank top at our shop

There is a simple fix to this fashion crime – buy the right size for you! Pants should not be so tight that they push all your skin and fat up and over the waist band. This can happen to even the smallest of girls. I know cropped tops are all the rage, but it’s important that you don’t wear a regularly cut top as if it’s cropped. It’ll look unflattering, trust me. Measure yourself, compare your inches to a sizing chart, and know your size<3 Alternatively, wearing items too large for you isn’t good either! There’s a difference between trying to hide your problem areas via a shirt three times too big for you, and successfully hiding them with the proper cut for your body type.


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  1. WithLoveShmon

    OMG the bra strap thing is like.. the ultimate pet peeve..

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