The Asymmetrical Appeal

Not everything needs to be perfectly aligned. Heck, often times our own faces and bodies are not perfectly symmetrical!! Our fashion doesn’t have to be either. Asymmetry can be as simple as a one shouldered blouse, and as complicated as a haute couture blazer sewn together like a Gaga inspired puzzle. You can achieve the asymmetrical look with a simple chiffon skirt. They remind me of mullets, except they’re tons more chic!

Asymmetrical skirts aren’t difficult to come by since they have peeked in popularity this spring season. If you’re only going to buy one, and you plan on wearing it often, I recommend going for a solid color, preferably one that matches with everything – black, white, gray-. Otherwise, invest in a little color! If you absolutely can’t find a skirt that’s to your liking, or you’d just prefer to make it yourself, here’s a super cool, no sew DIY.

I just purchased a black, chiffon skirt as well as a multi colored dress. The skirt is awesome because I can wear it high waisted if I so choose! It’s pretty versatile! I’m so glad that the maxi skirt has been snipped and transformed so that girls with short legs (like myself!) can get the look without visually shortening, and hiding, our forms.

Needless to say, I’m in love with this trend! Are you feeling the love too?!


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