Silver to the rescue!

Let’s face it, sometimes the shoe just doesn’t make the outfit. We don’t have a different pair of shoes that match perfectly for each outfit we want to wear, and sometimes you need to choose a shoe that remains silent.  Black shoes when worn with lighter colors steal the whole show, and white is bright and gets dirty way too easily. You can pick a neutral, skin tone shoe when you don’t want the shoes to draw attention, but that’s pretty boring. Know what you need? SILVER FLATS!!

Simple enough to go virtually unnoticed, but fashionable enough to add a metallic pop! I think it’s time you went and bought a pair, don’t you agree??

Take it from me… sometimes silver flats save my fashionable behind when I find that I’m lacking a specific shoe color. Silver to the rescue! Never again will you have another outfit wasted due to the wrong shoes!



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