Fake hair, don’t care

As the days heat up, sometimes I can’t bring myself to take out my straightener and do my hair. It only takes about ten minutes to fully straighten my naturally wavy hair, but the constant heat surrounding my head while I’m doing it makes me uncomfortable! I’ll admit, I totally wilt and melt during the summer months!!!

We all have those days when doing our hair seems like a challenge. Whether we don’t have time to style it, can’t stand the heat, or just need a change, there’s an easy fix. Anyone and everyone can pull it off. I’m talking about fake hair!! Yep, you read that right!

My bangs in the photo above are real of course, but the hair on top of my head is fake fake fake! I just threw my hair in a pony tail and clipped in a lovely curled hair piece.

They even make clip in bangs!! ^

Have a wimpy ponytail?? Get a fuller look with a clip on!

This isn’t about covering your entire head with a wig, but embracing and enhancing your natural hair. Be careful when purchasing your fake hair piece, and be sure to pick a color that closely resembles your own hair so that it can blend with what you have. Bring someone with you that you can get an honest opinion. Take caution if purchasing fake hair online because you won’t really know what color it is until it arrives on your doorstep. We don’t want people to realize that you have some fake hair sitting on your head!!

Think you can rock it??


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