Gunmetal: Adding edge to any outfit

Sometimes gold and silver just won’t do it for you. While gold should give off a sunny, bright vibe, it is often times associated with – let’s face it! – old women and tradition! Silver is glamorous, chic, and modern, but also represents innocence, femininity, and delicateness. We need our jewelry to be as bold as we are, and that’s where gunmetal comes into play.

The gray tone encompasses a tiny bit of blue as well as silver, but does so in a way that will go well with almost any outfit. Take that pink, ruffled dress and add a layered gunmetal necklace – instantly, you give a girly look a bit of edge. Throw on those distressed denim shorts and a cropped top and the necklace will give you a more put together, polished look. This is a simple way to give yourself that “I didn’t try too hard” look that we all want to achieve.

Don’t let your “timeless” jewelry get you stuck in a rut. Break out of the mold, and find the new and improved you. Gunmetal anyone?



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3 responses to “Gunmetal: Adding edge to any outfit

  1. I love gunmetal! But I tend to prefer it in thicker, chunkier shapes – like the beads in your first photo rather than in delicate chains – I feel like in delicate chains it often ends up looking like “dirty” silver, or cheap plated costume jewelry thats worn its top coating away…

  2. I hadn’t viewed gunmetal that way, but I know what you mean:] It’s a good point

  3. I love gunmetal jewelry as well when you want to give a more bold look or are going for a more edgy look.

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