To cleanse or not to cleanse: that is the question.

Lately, my skin has been acting up. Small blemishes have decided to make an appearance on my cheeks and I’m just NOT having that!! I’ve never had bad acne problems, but I always seem to have that one annoying bump somewhere on my face at all times. To fix this, I always wash my face at least once a day (usually twice), with either a scrub or a cleansing pad. This leads to my skin becoming extremely dry, so I follow it up with a moisturizer.

After doing a bit of research, both online and off, I realized that using the Water Only approach may have its benefits. Cleansers use chemicals that are harsh on sensitive skin and strip the face of natural oils which cause the skin to produce more to compensate. I decided to try the Water Only method. It’s day three and already I have noticed a major difference in my skin’s appearance! Bumps have decreased and my skin is looking much healthier. (Click here for other reviews)

I am going to give myself a facial mask a few times a month as well as exfoliate it every once in a while. Here are a few recommended tips when throwing out your acne cleansers:

  • Use warm water on a wash cloth and wipe gently.
  • Always use a clean wash cloth.
  • Use natural oatmeal as an exfoliate.
  • Always moisturize (aloe vera works) and use sun block to protect your skin.

Have you tried this method? If so, does it work? If you haven’t, will you?


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One response to “To cleanse or not to cleanse: that is the question.

  1. WithLoveShmon

    totally agree. cleansing is the most important step in skincare!

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