How to: Neon

Alternately titled “What Ke$ha shouldn’t have worn to the 2010 MTV awards”.

Yeah, we went there.

Unless you’re a circus clown (red nose and all), attending a rave, or dressing up as Ke$ha for Halloween, then you need to hear us out. This tiny bit of advice will help you avoid those “UH OHH NEON NO NO” moments.

It’s quite simple really. Head to toe neon = NO NO. One neon accessory = YES. See where we’re going with this?

Repeat after me: Pop of Color.

Haven’t you heard? Less is more. Less neon, more heads will turn… IN A GOOD WAY. One neon accessory will bring together an outfit and help you stand out of the crowd. Right now, some of you are thinking, “Duhh I already know this.” But trust me, this fashion faux pas happens on the daily, so for you offenders (and people stuck in the 80’s), this post is for you.

Just a friendly bit of advice from your favorite online store.




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One response to “How to: Neon

  1. Learner Londoner

    Haha so true, people do need to ease up on the neon, particularly Ke$ha!

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