Sneak Attack

Thought wearing sneakers would make you un-trendy (yes I just made that word up)? Not anymore – this season, sneakers have been making a comback thanks to designers like Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs. Here is some inspiration to go out and wear your sneakers with a cool and sleek style.

Thoughts on the trend? Will you be inspired to get a new pair of sneakers?

This is a guest post by 16 year old blogger and fashion enthusiast, Tatiana. She resides in Southern California, and when she’s not scoping out the newest trends hot off the runway, she’s obsessing over Harry Potter, shoes, and clothes. You can follow her on her Tumblr, check out her style on her lookbook, and read all about the latest trends on her Blog.



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3 responses to “Sneak Attack

  1. I hate sneakers. All I have to say on that. Well, in certain outfits, like for a casual outfit is okay, but only certain kinds.

  2. Eh, still not a fan of them. I just think they’re big and bulky, especially the ones in the link, and besides converse style for casual looks, I really don’t like sneakers all that much.

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