Fashionistas wobble but they don’t fall down

Fashion is being taken to new heights….literally! Presenting: the heel-less platform!

It has seen its fair share of the runway and has graced the foot of Gaga quite a few times. This gravity defying shoe is now so popular that you can’t go shopping without seeing (and being tempted by) at least one or two pairs. The Heel Goddess got pissed – but the result is pretty damn cool.

I encourage each and every one of you to go out and rock the “walk on air” vibe these shoes are throwing off, but you must, I repeat, you MUST, practice before you strut your stuff!! Here are two short videos showing professionals doing what we lovingly call the “runway wobble”.

Live life on the edge…just don’t fall off!




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3 responses to “Fashionistas wobble but they don’t fall down

  1. I think Lady Gaga can pull them off, anyone else…questionable. I love, love heels, but I want heels on my freaking heels! xo, Wit

  2. I love these, though I’m a little scared of them, and I call myself a brave fashionista! I did a post on the ones by Jeffrey Campbell not too long ago. I still ask myself if I’m going to invest in a pair… We’ll see. I’m going to watch the video, then go and try on a pair. Love your post.

  3. I just watched the video, don’t know whether ot laugh or cry!!

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