Sneak Peek!

We’re taking our shop in a whole new direction!!! You might be thinking, “Well, what does that mean exactly?”


Edgy. Cohesive. Chic. Indie. Carefree. Grunge (2012 style!)

We nixed the vintage and the gift items, deciding that it was hindering our ability to focus solely on killer apparel and accessories. Instead, we’ve decided to introduce a new category (stay tuned for the exciting news on that!)

Our online shop will have a sleek new facelift fit for a queen + a new shopping cart platform. I mean, this may be the nerdy, tech girl in me, but this part excites me the most!! Since I can’t wait to show you the new design, I’ll just show you this sneak peek…instagram style!

Plus, we’ll offer an affiliate program where you can get paid! It’ll practically be like you’re working for us. Practically.

You can’t stand the mundane, the boring, and the obvious. << Sound like you? If so, you need to follow this blog, like us on facebook, check out our tumblr, and stalk our twitter. We want you to be the first to see our new shop!

Here’s a little behind the scenes action:

Pringles + Pink Raspberry Lemonade = LOVE // Lighting kit to take super professional pics;) // I buy shoes with the intention of breaking my ankles // Your tongue will love those drumsticks!!! // Flowers to make the backyard all pretty // A castle in Germany I really want to visit

So many updates + surprises coming soon. I’m excited…so you should be too!!!



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