Inspiration: Tokyo

If I could hop in a teleporter and find myself anywhere my little heart desired, my first stop would be Tokyo. I could totally lose myself in the crowd of millions, cramming myself and my over stuffed shopping bags into public transportation. I’d look down the alley ways, watch people from my spot on a bench, and watch the city lights like stars.

For some of you, being surrounded by hundreds of people and skyscrapers might make you feel small…but I personally love the feeling! I’m a city girl at heart, and if I could just conquer my fear of planes, I’d gladly test my love for cities in Tokyo!

I honestly believe that Tokyo is the fashion capitol of the world. I know that there’s arguments about the “Fashion Capitol” that goes on amongst fashionistas…is it Milan? Paris? New York? Well, I think it’s Tokyo!! As a buyer for, I constantly see apparel and accessory trends before they’re all over the place, and since I pick pieces from all around the world, I feel like those cool cats in Tokyo start the trends, are super daring with their outfit choices, and aren’t afraid to get those “WTF” looks.

The source for all these fashionable images is, a personal favorite of mine!




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