I don’t like spiders, but I’d take the man

I pulled on my blood red velvet leggings, an old black tank top that used to belong to my dad, laced up my combat boots, and stuck a turband around my head before heading to the midnight premiere of The Amazing Spiderman in 3D. Now, I’m pretty nerdy and love a good action movie, especially when it comes to Marvel’s superheros, so I thought this movie was, indeed, amazing.

I’ve spent all of these years being a Batman lover, but this movie unleashed a love for Spiderman I didn’t even know I had. By far, this was the best Spiderman movie I have seen. In fact, I think this was the best lone superhero movie I’ve seen (not including The Avengers of course.)

Emma Stone, known best for being the red headed bombshell in a handful of popular comedies, played Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen. She did a great job… like always. If you weren’t planning on seeing this movie, you should change your mind. Besides, buttery popcorn mixed with two hotties on the big screen, what’s not to like?

Here are some images from her latest editorial with Vogue.

Personally, I love the feminine look on her. But, if you want to see the natural face, menswear pictures, just click here.

What did you think of The Amazing Spiderman?

Happy 4th of July!!!



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