Things we love this week

Every week, there’s tons of images and videos that we see while surfing the web. But, it takes a certain unique quality to truly catch our eye. We’ve compiled a list of things we’re loving this week. We may hate it all next week, but it’s made our list…for now.

5. We love this cool hood. It’s very futuristic. Out of this world. What can I say? Aliens are pretty much our thing.

4. How could you not love this image? The only thing that would make it better would be to switch Michael Cera with James Franco, Snooki with Kate Beckinsale, and that mushroom infested pizza with a slice of cheese pizza instead. Okay, we’re totally kidding (kinda).

3. We love this picture. A) The color of the shirt is perfect. B) The necklace is perfect for the top. And C) the top has a collar. What more could we want?

2.  Lady Gaga’s ad for her new perfume, Fame, is really hot. Wouldn’t you love small, naked men hanging off of your every curve?

1. Justin Bieber meets N’Sync in this fantastic mash-up. It’s a dream come true for every girl born in the early 90’s.

What are you loving this week?


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