Miley’s Pixie Cut…Everyone’s Talking About It

I must admit, when I first saw the pictures of Miley’s new, very short hair cut last night, I thought it was photoshopped. After stalking her twitter some more, I saw that it was, indeed, real. Beyond doing the whole actress/singing thing, she’s known for her awesome sense of style. It was only a matter of time before she claimed that edgy vibe and cut the locks!

Everyone is having a cow about this!! I’ve seen a number of people comparing her to Britney Spears. Seriously…it’s just hair. This is a pixie cut. It’s not a cry for help…it’s a style. Hair grows back anyways<3 Personally, I like it. She has a nice face shape for a cut like this.

I’m ready for the new Miley. I see a wardrobe change in the future, let’s see if I’m right!

Whether you love it or hate it, it just goes to show that you can’t please everyone, so you just have to do what makes YOU happy!! I do wonder what her fiance thinks about the cut though…

What do you think??



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3 responses to “Miley’s Pixie Cut…Everyone’s Talking About It

  1. lauranotor

    I feel bad for Liam! She won’t look like the girl he proposed to in the wedding photos. But I guess whatever makes you happy!

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