Fall/Winter 2012 Trends: Capes and Cloaks

This is the second post in our Fall/Winter 2012 Trends series. We’ll be taking a look at upcoming Fall/Winter fashions, and will give you a better understanding of each trend as well as an easy way to rock them. Get your notebooks out…

Capes and Cloaks

Think whimsical, polished, and high end

  • Capes are a sleeveless outerwear, that are usually long and only cover the wearer’s back while fastening around the neck
  • Most common in Medieval Europe
  • Capes are typically short, while cloaks are longer

What to expect:

  • Dramatic styles
  • Blanket Capes
  • Capelets
  • Fabrics: knit, leather, fur, cotton, satin

Capes are…

  • fairy tale-esque
  • dramatic
  • flowing
  • luxurious
  • vampire/super hero inspired
  • chic
  • polished

How to wear it

I’ve been in love with vampires for as long as I can remember (yes, even before Twilight…), so I’m alright with all of the vampy trends popping up this Fall/Winter. I mean, sure, some of us may look like we’re simply role playing, but if done right, I believe the cape can be chic, edgy, and quite sophisticated if you ask me! A few years back I had been looking for the perfect cape – I never did find it – but I’m hopeful that this season brings more options. Each cape, cloak, and capelet must be styled differently. Some cloaks can be belted, while others must simply drape across your body. Don’t be afraid to try new things! …Just avoid looking like a character from Lord of the Rings…not that it would be a totally bad thing.

Best colors

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Deep Plum

How you do it





Will you try this fairy tale style?

Stay tuned for our next installment of Fall/Winter 2012 Trends


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