Fall/Winter 2012 Trends: Seeing Red

This is the third post in our Fall/Winter 2012 Trends series. We’ll be taking a look at upcoming Fall/Winter fashions, and will give you a better understanding of each trend as well as an easy way to rock them. Get your notebooks out…

Seeing Red

Think powerful, stimulating, passionate

  • Red is the warmest color on the color wheel
  • Studies have shown red to have a physical effect –  increasing respiration and heart rate, raising blood pressure
  • Red is used to attract good luck in China, brides wear it in the East, and in South Africa it is the color of mourning

What to expect:

  • Fabrics including fur, leather, and velvet of course
  • Red lips
  • light coral to jewel tone reds
  • Red everything: shoes, bags, trench coats, dresses, jewelery, gloves, small details

Red is…

  • confident
  • dramatic
  • sophisticated
  • bold
  • intense
  • fierce
  • attention grabbing
  • passionate

How to wear it

Red is the perfect pop of color. It hints at confidence, and even danger. Pair your little black dress with a pair of red pumps, or swipe some red lipstick over that pouty mouth. Go all out with a red trench coat. Wear some crimson velvet leggings under that ripped band tee. From sophisticated to grunge, red will help you out no matter your style. When in doubt, combine red with white and black for a classic look.

How you do it





Channel this trend with our Coral Studded Blazer (COMING SOON)!!

Will you try this bold color?

Stay tuned for our next installment of Fall/Winter 2012 Trends. Read the first post here.



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