Bad to the Bone

 Since 2012 started, I had the urgency to scout for anything skull printed, maybe a coincidence that this year is rumored to be the last year of Earth ever and subconsciously I wanted to someway express and embrace all of our near-deaths. YEAH RIGHT . Honestly, as the years have gone by, fashion has taken many turns and now, more than ever,  the best style is your own style. You don’t have to care what is in and what style you want to portray, it’s all about what you feel like.  And one way to express an inner rebel, when you feel like it, is through a very simple yet strong image of a skull, or bones in that matter. So take on the inspiration and get something with the bones on it if you haven’t already!


And if you want a subliminal way of showing off your inner rebel, check out Ambry Lane’s Skulls on the Knuckles ring shown above!

Will you show off your inner rebel by donning a skull or two?

This is a guest post by blogger and fashion enthusiast, Tatiana. She resides in Southern California, and when she’s not scoping out the newest trends hot off the runway, she’s obsessing over Harry Potter, shoes, and clothes. You can follow her on her Tumblr, check out her style on her lookbook, and read all about the latest trends on her Blog.


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