What the fuzz!!

Usually, when I see a micro-trend, I either thoroughly enjoy it, or really despise it. Right now, I’m completely on the fence. Fuzzy nails. So, do I love it? Or, hate it?


  • DIY
  • Cute like a stuffed animal, rockin’ like velvet
  • Nails that look like fuzzy slippers
  • Texture


  • Can’t stand water
  • Looks like teeth with way too much plaque
  • Short lived

While I’m still deciding my opinion on these fuzzy nails, you can go out and try it for yourself!

Go to your local craft store and purchase Flocking Powder (Pulverized wool or felt used too create texture on paper, cloth, metal and other materials). Then, paint your nails as usual. Let dry. Paint on the top clear coat, and then dip your fingers in the flocking powder.

I’ll be honest, I’ll probably never try this – let’s face it, I hate spending more than a few minutes painting my nails, and I like it to last as long as possible. But, I do like the Monsters Inc nails pictured above.

Will you try these nails and see what all the fuzz is about??



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2 responses to “What the fuzz!!

  1. mahmoud

    hi there … plz can u tell me how to buy this online ??

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