Don’t Be a Knitwit

Obviously as the cooler weather sneaks in, sweaters will be trending in full force. You don’t have to wear knit in the obvious way. Slap a sweater over a summer romper or dress.  Add touches of knit to your outfit like a scarf or head band. Or, opt for a top that pairs knit with another fabric for a chic, fun vibe. However you wear it, just remember to never sweater the small stuff! 😉

The wait is over – our favorite knits are now in stock! Click for the Peach and Knit Top. Click for the Spiked Cable Knit.


Special thanks to Jason Wood of Take One Presents, and models Olga Grigorov, and Frances Tomei. A post featuring images from our latest shoot will be up soon!


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  1. WithLoveShmon

    I love all of thesee

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