It’s the little things…

Eventually studs and spikes will again be reserved for the underground punk scene, but until that day (and probably even after), I’ll be rocking the polished metal pyramids. Besides, they’re not going away anytime soon.

I mean, it’s like your clothing is accessorizing itself. In a way, it’s probably providing you with a weapon too. We’ve all seen those movies where the awkward, hopelessly-in-love guy sniffs the girl’s hair (creepy! It’s not our fault our shampoo overwhelms your scenes and shuts off your rational mind) … imagine if you simply could shrug a shoulder (embellished shoulders, anyone?) to imprint some painful spikes into the offenders cheek. I suppose there’s always another option…Shoes with studded heels would do the trick. I’m not violent, I swear… I’m just fashionably practical 😉

Click here to check out our Studded Coral Blazer

Since this post began with a .gif from Grease, it’s only fitting that we end it with one too. A guy so cool, we’d let him get close enough to figure out the scent of our shampoo… 😉


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One response to “It’s the little things…

  1. bonkasaurus

    I have been dying to DIY my own stud bralet

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