Vote in the name of fashion!! (And no, we aren’t talking politics!)

Hey guys!

Chelsey here with an exciting announcement!

FedEx is hosting a small business grant giveaway with the grand prize being $25,000!! If wins, we could take this shop to new heights (real, physical heights…like a brick and mortar store!) But, we need votes to win – and that’s where you come in!!

Here’s how it works:

  • You can vote up to once a day, everyday for the remainder of the contest
  • You must have a Facebook in order to vote
  • If Ambry Lane makes it to the top 100, FedEx votes from there
  • Every single vote counts!

Click here to vote!

Or Click here!


Info about Ambry Lane:

  • Started by a 17 year old – a young female entrepreneur!
  • Went live on April 13th 2010
  • Recently got a face lift (new site design + product line!)
  • Could really use your vote!!

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell a stranger!

Click here to vote!

xoxo <3s you!!!!!!!!!!


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