Halloween (part 1) – Quick costume ideas!

Personally, I love the act of getting dressed up as someone, or something, else and walking through haunted houses late at night, adrenaline racing through me in full force. However, I’m definitely a last minute type of girl when it comes to securing a Halloween costume fit for the night of fun and frights. Ohh! And candy too! I’ve scoured the internet for costumes that are not only unique, but easy to put together. So easy in fact, that you have plenty of time to create the perfect look for the big day …errr…night!

The Birds: 50’s attire, bloody scratch marks (preferably near the eyes), and birds of course

If you’ve never seen the film, click here to watch a 2 minute video with the main parts. Spoiler alert!

Wolf/Animal: Animal hat, fur, face paint, and the ability to make really good growling noises;)

You can purchase an animal hat HERE, and if you order today we’ll get it to you by the 31st (US only)

Mouse and trap: Gray clothes, mouse ears, cardboard, paint, styrofoam, metal pipe

Get crafty! Paint cardboard to look like wood, and bend a metal pipe to create the trap. Paint styrofoam and cut into a cheese shape. For a mouse trap reference image, click here.

Other looks:

Witch – black dress, witch hat // Vampire – fangs, blood // Zombie – pale face paint, ripped clothing // Snow White – yellow skirt, blue corset, red hair bow // Tinker Bell – green dress, wings // Sexy Monster – scary mask, body con dress // Ghost – pale or white dress, pale face // 20’s Flapper – headband, pearl necklace, dress with fringe // Minnie Mouse – red & white polka dot dress, or black body suit with red & white polka dot bow, mouse ears, white gloves // Cruella Deville – black dress, fur coat, spray half of hair white, and half black // Devil – red dress, horns // Angel – white dress, wings // Ballerina – leotard, tutu, flats // Pink Lady – pink jacket, black high waisted pants, black shirt // Mime – black pants, black & white striped shirt, white face paint, red suspenders // Princess – big, poofy dress, tiara // Animal – ears, tail // Sports Athlete – boyfriend’s jersey, knee high socks // Male Character – give feminine twists to male characters, ex. instead of pants wear a skirt // Ariel – long, maxi skirt in green, purple bustier, red wig // Bat Girl – Batman shirt, black pants, yellow belt for the middle of your waist, knee high boots, black eye mask // Katniss Everdeen – black ensemble, black jacket, braid, bow & arrow

Stay tuned because Halloween (part 2) will be posted on October 26th. We’ll help with cute Halloween inspired outfits for those of you that would rather not go out in costume, but still want to celebrate!


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3 responses to “Halloween (part 1) – Quick costume ideas!

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  3. lilith

    i want that wolf costume so bad

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