Trending: Contrasting Collars

For those of you that adore collared tops, we’re happy to say that they’ll be making appearances all autumn long. To keep this trend fresh and up to date, only one thing has to change – make the collar a different color than the shirt itself! Easy peasy, right??!!

Keep it simple. A contrasting collar acts as an accessory, so there’s no need to add a necklace! But you can purchase detachable collars or collar necklaces to achieve the same look, on any shirt, at any time! Would you go for the separate collar? Or the sewn on collar?

Collar Necklace (click here to shop)

Double Collar Top (click here to shop – currently on sale for $27 – will show in cart)



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3 responses to “Trending: Contrasting Collars

  1. K

    Awesome post, I am loving this trend!

  2. Oh that collar necklace is so gorgeous!
    Shope xxx

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