Blogger Spotlight: Style2Bones

It’s probably no secret that we have a major style crush on style2bones writer, Dominique – a girl that can make pastels look badass with little to no effort. Watch any of her videos and it’s clear that not only is she obsessed with fashion, but she’s super nice too. Feast your eyes on outfits so perfectly styled you’ll want to hide your own in shame, and get to know this fashion blogger a little bit better.

Name. Age. Zodiac sign.

“Dominique Nghiem // 18 // Virgo”

Describe your style in 3 words:

“eccentric, punk, internet”

If you had to choose one pair of shoes to have for the rest of forever, what pair would it be?

“My UNIF Hellbounds in black!”

What is your all-time favorite outfit you’ve blogged about?

“This is way too hard, I love all my outfits… I’ll link to one of my most popular outfits. In this outfit I am wearing a tie-dye yin yang dress that I made by hand.”

Tell us a secret:

“If you just read my blog, you wouldn’t really know how in love with music I am. If you watch my youtube videos on my channel, Stylefilmer, you could get a clue to my love for music. But I play the piano, accordion, and violin. And right now, I am learning to play acoustic guitar.”

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

“Korean Bbq”

What’s the best part about being a fashion blogger?

“The best part is when people tell me that I inspire them to be more daring, start their own blog, their own youtube channel. I love inspiring others to become independent and chase after their dreams.”

A trend you absolutely can’t stand?

“I don’t think I can think of any, I try not to put any type of style or trend or clothing into an extreme “hate” category…because some way or another I tend to have already worn that trend, or later on incorporate it into my style. I think a big part of being a fashion blogger is being trendy, but there is a point where you can be too trendy. The best bloggers in my opinion can take a trend and incorporate it into their own style.”

Any fashion advice / rules you live by?

“Be yourself, if I want to wear something out, I just do it. If I want to wear multi-tone bubblegum slimy tights out, I do it. A lot of people are afraid of being judged by what they wear, but you have to understand that those who judge you are not worth suppressing your own personal style for.”
If you find a girl with cooler socks and tights, let me know. Click here to check out her blog.
Dominique’s Favorite


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