Dream On: Get crafty for the new year

2012 has come and nearly gone, and it’s about time we start welcoming in the new year. You’ve probably already been spammed with those “2013, be good to me”, and “2013: let’s make this year the best yet” posts on facebook and tumblr. But let’s be honest, these phrases are something we can all agree with. 2013 better be amazing!!

Here are some crafty ideas to keep you inspired all year long! Of course, some these are resolutions in disguise… but much more fun.


ny craft1

A) The Dream Jar: Write down your dreams/goals and place them into a jar. Pull out a dream at random and accomplish it that week.

B) The Marble Jars: This works best with a goal that is quantitative. For example, a lot of people use marble jars to accomplish weight loss goals. Take two jars, fill one with the amount of marbles (pounds) you want to lose, and each time you lose one, move a marble into the other jar. I personally would like to expand the Ambry Lane facebook fan base, so I’ll be creating a jar to visually show my progress!


ny craft2

Vision board/ Dream board/ Inspiration board

Create a collage of images and words that inspire you. Perhaps an image of the Eiffel Tower represents travel, or a picture of cookies represents your want to bake more. Put it somewhere so that you can view it everyday. I made one and use it as my desktop background since I’m on my computer everyday. It’s a quick, visual reminder of my goals, dreams, and ambitions.


memory jar2

A) Memory Jar: Every time you take part in something that makes you happy, whether it be receiving flowers from a special someone, going out to the movies with your friends, or finally getting that A you’ve been wanting, write it down and put it into the jar. At the end of 2013, open it up and read all of your happy memories!

B) Memory Box: The memory box is basically the same as the jar, except you have more room for happy memories – instead of writing down each happy moment, place a trinket representing it. IE: a dried flower from your special someone, a ticket stub from a movie, etc.

Which will you do??


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  1. bonkasaurus

    Ive always wanted to do a real inspiration board but never had the time or energy for it. Maybe this year is the year?

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