Hair-spiration: Special Occasion

Last night on tumblr, an inquiring mind wanted to know if we had any suggestions for prom hairstyles. While I still cringe upon picturing my prom dress (envision: red, beaded, cheap, awful!), my hair wasn’t half bad. Since I wasn’t a total failure (my shoes were amazing you guys…at least, I think so!), I feel alright giving some advice on the subject of school dances and special occasions in general.

So, if you’re totally stumped on what hairstyle to pick for a special night out, hopefully you’ll be inspired after viewing the photos below!

prom header

prom hair dos

Updo: I really love the messy updo, especially when it’s placed to the side (as pictured). The kind of updo that is polished and sleek is too structured and up tight (no bun…err…pun intended) for a such a fun night.

Half Up Half Down: This is the very look I rocked during my own prom. Loose waves and curls really dress up the look without (again) looking too over done.

Side Swept: A side part is flirty and fun, and with soft curls, it creates the perfect hairstyle when getting all dolled up. Plus, it’s super easy to do. Salon, what? Hairstylist, who? Yeah.

High Bun: Buns are all the rage right now. Just remember this bit of advice – this is prom…go big or go home! Add some fake (get a color that matches your own of course!) hair to add volume. A measly little thing atop your head just isn’t going to cut it on a night like this!

Ponytail: Okay, I’ll admit it…I wasn’t going to suggest a ponytail at all. How many times have I seen girls pull their hair back so tight that they give themselves an instant, and very alien-esque, facelift?? God forbid they slick it with gel. *shudders* That’s a serious no. Repeat after me – My prom hair will be soft, flirty, fun, and yes, malleable!!

Don’t let your hair be a total flop on prom night. Don’t let it fall flat on a romantic date. And if you want to keep haters out of your hair, better make it look good.

If all else fails…screw it. Just shake your ass all night. Then no one will be looking at your hair anyways.



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