Get Cross Eyed

Eyes are pretty amazing…I mean, they are the windows to your soul AND they help you watch movies, read books, and check out your hottie crush. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and life, and if you give someone the Evil Eye, well, it’s thought to cause injury or bad luck. As if they weren’t cool enough, they also make awesome accessories!!

(click here to watch a quick youtube video for a bit of nerdy info on how eyes work – by the one and only Bill Nye of course!!)

Keep your eyes peeled, because I’m about to visually stimulate that brain of yours with some eye catching fashion inspiration!

eyeseyes3eyes2eye4eye5eyes6eye8 eye7

cross eyed

Shop our Cross Eyed Necklace

eye necklace

Shop our Eye See It All Necklace

Will you rock the third eye trend?


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